WhatsApp hacking is an issue of national cybersecurity: IT Ministry

  May 19, 2019    

Facebook-owned WhatsApp was recently hit by a spyware which affected a small portion of its user base. The spyware was spreading with a suspicious WhatsApp call. The Indian government has reached out to the company seeking clarification..... Read More

Google is bringing messaging to its Tez payment app in India

  July 18, 2016    

Messaging and payments continue to converge in India after Google added chat features to its Tez payment app in India. The move follows the introduction of peer-to-peer payments inside WhatsApp in India, its largest country worldwide with over 200 million users, last month and it now allows users ....Read More

WhatsApp has launched person-to-person payments into beta in India

  July 18, 2016    

WhatsApp has begun testing a new payments feature in India that will allow people to send money to other WhatsApp users, excluding merchant accounts. The feature is currently in beta, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans, but hasn’t been publicly announced because it’s not widely available at this time...... Read More