About us

SysEthics Services is a professionally managed firm established in May 2014. SysEthics Services is a firm in making, the founders of the firm are highly educated and experienced professionals from the various fields of Engineering. We have vast experience in field of Computer Networking, Automation and Electronic Security. Through our experience and knowledge, we have been setting up and present the SysEthics Services as one of the few trusted companies in the growing field of Networking & Automation. Our motto is not just to provide solution; we want to provide right solution for every need of a customer.

Whom We Serve

If your business depends on the network to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services, you do business with SysEthics Services.

We are constantly focused on understanding our customers’ needs, so that we can dig in and solve the hardest problems they face—problems that others can’t or won’t even approach.

We strive for solutions that give our customers true advantage over their competition, whether that’s bringing new, revenue-generating services to market in minutes versus months; or reducing network costs; enabling smarter, more efficient business processes; providing security and protection for their most valuable assets; or delivering a richer end-user experience. Whatever the challenge, every day our customers set out to build the best possible networks for their businesses. And they look to “SysEthics Services” to help them do that.

What We Serve

We, Sysethics Services are a core networking organization, design and implement “next-generation” computer networks as per the industry standards and protocols.

We offer a number of various network solutions which covers structured cabling, establishment of wire network, wireless solutions, storage solutions, security solutions, Virtual Private Network (VPN), site-to-site connectivity. We also have another span of technology which includes Virtual Surveillance, Access Validation, Time Attendance Management, Security System, Tele-Data Networking & Security, Audio-Video Engineering and Home Automation.

We just don't sale products that are in our store, but we understand client's requirement, design the project and suggest the products most suitable for client's need and budget. We provide domain based server-client computer network architecture and also thin client solutions. We provide solutions for commercial and residential projects. Considering the reliability of the service a serious matter, we only supply products of trusted brand that have been proven for superior performance in extreme conditions. Our prime motto is to provide quality products at industry leading prices and services that never compromises.

At a Glance

Mr. Pinak Choksi (Founder)

D.E in Computer Engineering

Mr. Sagar Patel (Founder)

B. Tech in Computer Engineering

Mr. Dhwani Patel (Team Leader)

B.E. in Information & Technology